To give you a greater degree of flexibility in the kitchen, we offer a selection of ready-made sauces. These are again based on traditional recipes, and will allow you to prepare some delicious pasta dishes within a matter of minutes, but they are also perfect for the preparation of pizzas, appetizers and a host of meat and fish courses.

A number of our sauces are tomato-based and tinged with the flavour of some of Italy’s tastiest and most colourful vegetables. In addition, for those who like their pasta hot and spicy, we offer tomato sauce with chilli, more commonly known as "sugo all’arrabiata".

Alternatively our "Bomba Calabrese", a speciality from the south of Italy, or our chilli pepper sauce in extra virgin olive oil will help you create a wide range of piquant dishes.

This may come as a surprise, but we also have a delicious Italian ketchup! This does not contain any sugar, additives or preservatives, unlike the other more famous brands on the market (and needless to say, tastes a lot better).

We also offer a wonderful range of sauces which are traditional products of the Ligurian Riviera. Several of these sauces are concentrated, and should either be used sparingly or diluted with olive oil — however we will advise you of this on the product label.

No Ligurian selection should be without pesto, the traditional sauce based on basil, pine kernels, cheese and extra virgin olive oil. This is ideal with pasta or added to zuppa di verdura. We also offer an olive paté and an artichoke sauce, both of which combine well with pasta, fresh cheese, fish or chicken. Try our salsa delizia (olives and artichoke) or walnut sauce with egg pappardelle in order to create a dish that is simple, yet innovative.

Our cream of artichoke sauce with dried tomatoes is extremely versatile, in that it can be used as a pasta sauce or simply spread on small pieces of toast, which the Italians call crostini. The same applies to our caper sauce, which is a simply wonderful, spicy sauce from the Sicilian island of Pantelleria.

We offer three other crostini sauces, all Tuscan specialities, which are based respectively on onion, aubergine and peppers. These are ideal for buffets or as appetizers, and we guarantee that, once tried, you will find them irresistible!