Tuna is fished all over the world, but the most highly-prized species is to be found in the Mediterranean. This is the thunnus thynnus, commonly known as the bluefin, which has a soft, succulent meat with an exquisite flavour.

Choosing the best available fish is, however, only part of the equation. The Coalma company of Palermo uses traditional methods in cooking the fish, and then, to add that final touch, preserves its tuna in olive oil.

We offer two of their superb products. Sample their Sant’Erasmo tuna and discover a completely new taste experience the tuna of other brands seems dry and insipid in comparison.


There is a very strong tradition in Italy for the cooking and preserving of vegetables, which is a culinary skill that has been passed on from mother to daughter through the ages. These would usually be served as part of the antipasto dish (appetizers for the main meal to follow). In fact, no other nation can match the Italians for taking basic ingredients and creating something which is so delicious.

We offer a selection of products which have virtually a "home-cooking" feel to them, being full of those flavours which are more reminiscent of a former era. There are three types of delicious char-grilled vegetables, dried tomatoes and sweet and sour small onions.

There are black olives in brine, which in this case are the Taggiasca olives from the region of Liguria. If you often find olives to be a bit bitter for your taste, you should try these, which are wonderfully light and delicate.

Our Herbs of Siena is a magical mix of strong aromatic herbs. Add this to pasta sauces, meat and fish dishes, casseroles and even cooked breakfasts to discover the true taste of Tuscany!

Finally in this category, we offer two products prepared with capers. There are capers in sea salt, which are grown and hand-picked on another Sicilian island, Pantelleria. They are truly unique in taste, but also in the fact that they have been accredited with an "Indicazione Geografica Protetta" (similar to a D.O.C. recognition for wine), and are the only capers in the world that hold this particular distinction. There is also a truly unbeatable combination of the sweetest sun-dried tomatoes, Pantelleria capers and fennel seeds, all preserved under olive oil.

All the above products make ideal appetizers, are perfect for buffet meals or for preparing sandwiches with that "something special" about them.