While everyone associates Italy with pasta, it is still the case that many families in the north of the country, particularly around the area of Milan and the Po Valley, have retained a preference for rice as a first course or primo piatto.

Thanks to its nutritional qualities and to its versatility in gastronomy, rice represents a perfect nourishment, being very digestible and containing numerous vitamins and minerals.

Italy grows many varieties of rice which are divided by the Italian Rice Institute into four categories: riso comune, semifino, fino and superfino.

From the superfino category we are offering probably the country’s finest rice, the carnaroli variety, which has a round, long-grain. We also offer another excellent types of rice the vialone nano which is a round medium-grain rice. They are both perfect for preparing a wonderful plate of risotto.

Our selection of rice comes from the flat plains of northern Italy, and its quality is the result of years of experience. It is the preferred choice of numerous top chefs both in Italy and abroad.