Pasta is synonymous with the Italian diet, and it is probably this one element of the country’s cuisine which, more than anything else, has provoked such a meteoric rise in the popularity of Italian food throughout the world over the last few years. It is, in fact, the ultimate fast food, being healthy, nutritious and quick to prepare (some of our pasta can be cooked and on the plate in little over 5 minutes)!

Our egg pasta is prepared, with top quality durum wheat and fresh eggs (not dehydrated!!), by hand in a very small company in Turin using traditional methods dating back over half a century, and can in fact be considered the complete opposite of mass production. During the process, the pasta is left to dry out slowly over a 16 to 18 hour period at the relatively low temperature of 35°C. This ensures that the pasta is not overheated and does not lose its nutritional properties or its taste. The finished product is aesthetically attractive, often looking almost like a work of art. At this point, one can appreciate the human input in the process, which is lacking in a factory-produced pasta.

The modern industrial process, on the other hand, dries out the pasta over a much shorter 4 to 5 hour period at a temperature in excess of 100°C. This however, overheats the pasta which loses some of its goodness and also some of its taste.