San Daniele ham Boneless - San Daniele ham

San Daniele prosciutto is by definition a superior-quality food product, like all Italian denominazione di origine (designation of origin) label hams. It is still made today in the traditional manner. San Daniele air-cured ham is sweet-tasting, smooth on the palate and unmistakably fragrant. San Daniele, is not only a ham, but also a place. A magical one, just a stone's throw from the Pre-Alps, lapped by the shores of the river Tagliamento. It is right here, in Friuli, that San Daniele ham has found the ideal environment and the best micro-climatic conditions to become an Italian culinary wealth. The Celts, the first “salters” figured out that this was the perfect place to cure hams with the low humidity, excellent ventilation and pre-alpine hillside climate. The Romans carried on this tradition and today this tradition is protected with DOT (protected designation of origin) status. San Daniel Prosciutto is recognized and loved throughout the world.

Weight : 7kg x 1
Product code : 6309

Parma ham Boneless - Parma ham

The tender sweet taste of Prosciutto di Parma, enjoyed in Italy for over eight centuries, is still made in the hills around Parma using the same traditional methods of production. The Parma pigs are fed a very special diet of whey and grains, and the hams are hand-trimmed and massaged with natural sea salt before being aged for 400 days or more. Only select Prosciutto that pass a strict quality test can have the imprinted seal of the Consortium, symbolizing quality and excellence.

Weight : 7kg x 1
Product code : 6310

Bresaola della Valtellina Bresaola punta d'anca

Bresaola is a typical product of Valtellina. Made from beef cuts (generally the fillet) treated with a mixture of salt and spices, then wrapped in thin nets and aged for at least one month. When ready, bresaola is a bright dark red color and it is generally used as an antipasto sliced very thinly and seasoned with oil & lemon.

Weight : 3kg x 1
Product code : 6315

Mortadella di Bologna Mortadella di Bologna

The typical features of this product are its cylinder shape, its appearance and its slice colour: a uniform pink studded with clear-cut white little cubes (the so called lardons, prime quality fat). Its smell is unmistakable and slightly spicy; its taste is full and well-balanced thanks to the very presence of the lardons that mitigate the meat flavour. Italian Mortadella has a centuries-old history and is produced using techniques that are unique in the world. The production technique of Mortadella is absolutely unique in the world: the starting point is with the carefully selected meats that are minced and turned into a creamy mix practicing three different passages in their relative meat mincing machines. Then fat cubes are prepared by chopping mainly pork throat fat, which is harder and consequently the most valued part of pork fats. The mix obtained is then put into casings in the size desired and cooked. This is the most delicate phase, capable of conferring to the Mortadella its characteristic aroma and softness; the procedure envisages the use of appropriate dry-air ovens, with cooking times that vary from a few hours up to an entire day, according to sizes. Mortadellas are then sprayed with cold water and put in a cooling room for resting, here is where the product “stabilises”.

Weight : 3kg x 1
Product code : 6315

Pancetta on a board Pancetta on a board

Pancetta is an Italian form of bacon. It is pork belly that has been salt cured and spiced, and dried for about three months. There are many varieties and each part of Italy produces its own type. Pancetta can be rolled, the most common type, or straight (with all the fat on one side). When served on its own, the rolled pancetta is presented in very thin slices. More often it is used to flavour other dishes, especially pasta sauces. Essential ingredients for the Spaghetti all’Amatriciana, for the town of Amatrice.

Weight : 3kg x 1
Product code : 6321

Pancetta al pepe Peppered pancetta

It is produced from the layer of fat and flesh located along the belly, under the skin. Some varieties of Pancetta are prepared with cinnamon and cloves, as well as other local spices in addition to salt and pepper.

Weight : 3kg x 1
Product code : 6322

Cacciatorini Salamini cacciatori

Dry Italian salami, which generally consists of equal parts of pork and beef, though it can be produced entirely with pork meat. It is seasoned with black pepper, garlic, spices, dry white wine, and packed into a small natural casing measuring approximately 4 to 8 inches in length (10 to 18 cm) and 1 inch (3 to 4 cm) in diameter. It is then dry aged for one month or longer. When served, it is sliced thin for use in sandwiches, as an appetizer with cheese, or as a topping for foods.Dry sausages such as Italian cacciatorini are commonly thought of as hunter style salami, since it is made as a small rustic salami to be carried in a hunter's pockets and eaten as a lunch meal. This product may also be referred to as cacciatore, cacciatoro, or salame milanese.

Weight : 1kg x 2
Product code : 6323

Speck dell'Alto adige IGP Speck dell'Alto Adige

Weight : 2kg ca. x 1
Product code : 6324

Salame Felino DOP Salame Felino DOP

This salame is produced in a town of the same name in the province of parma. Made with premium lean pork meat, mixed coarsely. It is small, in diameter, thin and narrow and well known for its soft texture and sweet fragrant flavour.

Weight : 1kg ca. x 3
Product code : 6325

Crespone bergamasco Crespone bergamasco

Weight : 1,6kg ca. x 2
Product code : 6326

Salame Napoli Salame Napoli

Weight : 0,6 x 2
Product code : 6327

Salsiccia Napoli Salsiccia Napoli

Weight : 0,6 x 2
Product code : 6328

Salame antico Vigaṇ Salame antico Vigaṇ

Weight : 1,5kg ca. x 2
Product code : 6329

Salame nostrano Salame nostrano

Salame is one of the most ancient elements in the wide gastronomic range of Italian products. It has very old traditions with many distinct regional specialities. The difference between types is in the way in which the meat is minced - fine, medium or coarse - and by the addition of other flavouring such as garlic, chilli, fennel seed or wine. This particular type is a course cut with a compact texture.

Weight : 1kg x 1
Product code : 6330

Salame Milano Salame Milano

The origin of this salame go right backto the ancient noble Milanese families such as the Sforza and the Visconti. These days it is famous all over the world. It is produced with lean pork meat mixed with fat, minced and seasoned with salt, cracked peppercorns, ground white pepper and wine. Cured between 3 to 5 months.

Weight : 1,5kg x 1
Product code : 6331

Salame Brianza DOP Salame Brianza DOP

Produced in the provinces of Como, Lecco and Milan with the meat of pigs born, bred, slaughtered and butchered in Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, and Piedmont. The ground meat used is then seasoned with salt, pepper, wine, sugar and garlic, before being packed into natural pig gut casing. Cured between 6 to 12 weeks. It has a ruby red colouring, a delicate aroma and a very characteristically sweet flavour.

Weight : 800g x 4
Product code : 6332

Brianzetta Vigaṇ Brianzetta - Vigaṇ

Weight : 3kg ca. x 2
Product code : 6334

Nocella Nocella - Vigaṇ

Weight : 2kg ca. x 1
Product code : 6337
With truffle
Weight : 2kg ca. x 1
Product code : 6338

Finocchiona Finocchiona - Vigaṇ

This delectable Tuscan salami is made from finely ground pork flavored with wild fennel seeds (finocchio means 'fennel'), garlic, salt, and pepper; a little finely ground beef can also be mixed in with the pork when making finocchiona. Finocchiona is aged anywhere from seven months to one year before it's marketed, and it has a soft, melting texture; it's best sliced not too thinly and served with saltless Tuscan bread. Finocchiona is rather imposing in size, measuring up to 10" in diameter, and often appears as part of the classic Tuscan antipasto platter along with chicken liver crostini, Prosciutto, fett'unta (the Tuscan name for 'bruschetta'), other types of salami, olives, and mushrooms marinated in olive oil.

Weight : 2kg ca. x 1
Product code : 6340

Lardo di Colonnata Lardo di Colonnata

Weight : 2kg ca. x 1
Product code : 6345

Salame cotto Salame cotto

Weight : 1kg ca. x 2
Product code : 6347

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